Get early feedback on bottlenecks and code issues

One thing that Digma tries to do is make observability proactive. This means that if there are any issues you shouldn't encounter them when it's already late in the dev/release process

As the code gets executed, either in your local environment, in CI staging, or in production - Digma learns about how it performs, scales, and identifies any process issues or anti-patterns that should be dealt with.

As you work on your code, any newly detected issues will appear in the issues side panel as unread.

Additionally, the code itself will be highlighted to signify whether any critical issues are present:

Recheck issues after fixing the source problems

Once an issue Digma detected is fixed, you can use the recheck option on the issue card. Digma will start re-examining the problem based on new data to determine whether the issue is indeed fixed. This is not mandatory for detecting whether an issue is fixed but can expedite the detection process.

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