Instrumentation Troubleshooting

Not seeing any Data in Digma

There could be multiple reasons for this. There are several things to check in such a scenario:

  • When running your process, do you see an additional message indicating the code is being instrumented? You should either see a This process is enhanced by Digma message or some message listing injected observability properties.

  • If you're using a custom Gradle/Maven task, Digma might not be picking it up. Give Digma a hint by adding the following environment variable to your run config: DIGMA_OBSERVABILITY=true

  • Perhaps there is a mismatch between the instrumentation strategy Digma has selected and the one your framework requires. You can override the Digma inferred strategy by adding the INSTRUMENTATION_FLAVOR environment variable to your runtime configuration. Valid values are: Default, Quarkus,``Micronaut, SpringBootMicrometer, OpenLiberty, JavaServer

  • Make sure your code is generating observability. While most server frameworks (like Spring or Dropwizard) do, others do not. To make sure, add a @WithSpan(kind=Spankind.Server) annotation above your root function. Then check again if that is being picked up by Digma.

  • Try using a named environment. On some versions of Digma the environment is matched to the user based on the hostname, which can be problematic on some systems. Create a local environment via the Digma observability panel and set the runtime configuration to use it:

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